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The Greenberg Group specializes in entertainment IP, business affairs, contract negotiation and licensing plus operations and marketing & distributon

Randy Greenberg has over 3 decades of experience in the entertainment business having worked as an analyst, an assistant manager for exhibition, a publicist, a marketer, a distributor, business affairs executive, head of international, run a film/tv division, run a licensing group, raised venture capital for several entertainment start ups, founded/ran a talent agency, was a manager and an executive producer.

Whether you are interested in entertainment finance consulting, an expert witness for an upcoming entertainment trial, or the services of an executive producer, you are in the right place.

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Producing & Business Affairs

The Greenberg Group can help you produce your next film, TV, or digital project.

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Content & Finance Consulting

Expert consulting on the content, distribution, and financing of your next film project.

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Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services for any film or media related litigation.

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